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At VideoAnimotion, minds and efforts are put into producing videos animations that are worth branding. We believe that explainer videos are the perfect choice to educate, inform and create interest in customers about your brand and business. Our explainer videos are created on a broader spectrum, which explains that we have not restricted our creativity just for the sake of marketing. Instead, our videos lead to successful branding of our clients’ businesses.

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“At first we were a bit confused regarding outsourcing this service. However, our first visit to video animotion was a force that compelled us to choose no one but them. Their bursting energy, compassion, and out-of-the-box ideas were all over the place. More than us, the team was excited to create a masterpiece for our business. And, they surely did!”

“ After doing a good number of videos with them,. We can surely state that the team never bugs us until they have something marvelous to deliver. With a team consisting of highly skilled individuals that don’t shy away from being unique and creative, we are glad that we let video animotion handle the most crucial aspect of our business”

“ After relying on Video animotion for the production of creative animated video for our businesses, there hasn’t been a single day when we regretted the decision. With their utmost creative skills and intelligence, they managed to create a whole art through minute details provided by us. Their creation has not only came out as we imagined but has also accomplished to provide us with the results, we were looking for.”


Video Animotion has catered a large number of companies belonging to different industries and produced more than 1500+ videos. Our consistency, creativity, and discipline have made us the number one choice of our valuable customers. Our creative yet effective video animation service go through a defined process to ensure high-level branding:

1. Starting Off with Project

Firstly, we start our project by providing a brief introduction to the production team. This follows by outlining of further activities involved to produce the creative animated video.

2. Script Writing & Development

Our scriptwriting and development phase involves grabbing all the needed information about client's business. Which is then followed by conceptualizing of the story into a script that is finalized once client’s approves.

3. VoiceOver Recording:

We, at VideoAnimotion, believe that the power of voice rules over all in animated explainer videos. Therefore, we put our maximum intelligence in choosing the right kind of voice talent that satisfies our clients’ businesses demands and needs.

4. Storyboard Making

The storyboard is defined as the representation of imagination that is later depicted in the video created by our team of skillful video animators. Once the storyboard is checked and approved by our valuable client we move on to the next step.

5. Complete Video Development:

This phase involves providing the client with a complete and developed video that is produced as per their demands and recommendations. At VideoAnimotion, we do not count revisions. Instead, we put our efforts until the final product comes out perfectly.

6. Confirmation & Delivery:

Once our share of efforts and creativity is done we will hand over our product to the client for further marketing and branding.