How It Works

1. Starting Off with Project

With a comprehensive understanding of the audience, business and product, we kick start our project with an idea that meets our clients’ vision.

2. Script Writing & Development

Keeping the target audience in mind we craft a script that delivers the right kind of message in utmost attention-grabbing tone.

3. VoiceOver Recording

Believing in the power of voice, we choose the right kind of voice needed for the project. Our voice selection goes through a method that ensures perfection in synchronization.

4. Storyboard Design

With all visuals perspectives in mind, we create a storyboard design that puts forwards every action that is about to take place in the animated video.

5. Complete Video Development

With accurate use of details provided, we fully animate and produce the video that ensures that the mission to deliver the message to the target audience is achieved.

6. Confirmation & Delivery

After putting our utmost creativity in the production, we hand over the masterpiece to our clients so that it can further reach the target audience.